Tammy Case Porterdale, Georgia, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Tammy Case Porterdale, Georgia is as follows: UPDATE..; This is about HER. I have a Facebook page, working on a web site, and in the process of writing a book entirely about HIM all titledÉ What Contest in HELL did I win? I married a ManSlut ÉThere is much more to his story and I want to make him feel extra special by keeping his story separate.; What motivated me to update her story was in one of our phone conversations she said that she respected the fact that my husband never acted wild at any of the many parties that goes on at their friends single wide trailer. She admired the fact that we have been married for so long, and she thought it was good that he acted like a family man when he was over there. She had a motive, and it did not involve any kind of respect, or admiration on her part. She knew he was married and it made no difference to her at all. When she chose to make that move she willingly played a part in damaging a 22 year marriageÉWhy should she walk away unscathed? YES, he owed me loyalty, but she had the option to make a better choice, since she didnt that makes her a willing partner in this. She had several opportunities to tell him to stop calling her and she didnt so she as much to blame as he is. Neither one of them was concerned about how this would affect me if I found out. Payback is a bitch, so now I have no concern about how they feel about me putting the details of what they did on here. This is my way of making sure no one walks away unscathed.; I figured out who it was by looking at the phone records, but I had no proof so how I got a confession was I lied and told him that she was bragging to her friend about how she was with him, and the friend told me, and now I want to hear it from him. He was stupid enough to believe me so he then confesses everything.; This is the story coming from the ManSlut, her fuck buddy, and her stupid friends who were so gullible to tell me everything É.this includes her female best friend who weighs about 80 pounds and everyone over there calls her pussy on a stickÉ; I told the manslut that I wanted complete details so that I can go forward and healÉLmao, yea right. It was to get the details to do this story, and many othersÉto heal my ass.; She was a regular at mansluts friends single wide trailer in Walnut Grove, Georgia. Manslut said all the guys called her flapjack because her tits look like 2 long, flat pancakes hanging on her chest. Everybody would hang out there all the time to shoot pool, and drinkÉ among other thingsÉ The manslut was also a regular attendee there and thats how they knew each other. She was the fuck buddy of his friend who lived there, which he always referred to her as a skank. The manslut said everyone would talk about her being the community pussy. She was under an illusion that she was a hot commodity, yet she was being passed around and made fun of by the very guys she was screwing.; I never went over there because I had nothing in common with any of the trash that hung out there. Going to one of his trailer park partys is like going to a family reunion with the nuts in the movie, The Hills Have EyesÉ.Your IQ drops 20 points for every hour you are there. This explains his stupidity.; One night both of my sons went over there with the man slut because his friend needed his computer fixed. While they were there she showed up. They said within 5 minutes she started taking off her clothes. She stripped down to her cheap, goodwill underwear and started rubbing all over my oldest son. The lips of her balding, old piss flaps flowed off each side of her goodwill underwear like wet grocery bags, all sagging and wrinkled. They said she would rub on herself while looking at them and wink. They left and refused to go back over there to fix his computer if she was there after that traumatic event. The whore showed a complete lack of respect by behaving like this around my sons.; Manslut said one time when the guys were playing pool she stripped down to her goodwill underwear again, hopped her nasty ass on the pool table, and hung her crotch cobbler over the pocket and said ÒHey, see if yall can put the ball in the pocket now.Ó I imagine there have been many balls hitting that worn out pocket of hers. Another time she laid on the same pool table, and her fuck buddy told me he used his universal dildo that he keeps in a drawer on her because she informed him she was a SQUIRTER. I ask him did he take precautions by putting something under her just in case she was this WORLD RENOWNED SQUIRTER. He said ÒHell yea, that skank aint messing up my pool table.; A few weeks later at the same party trailer she offered to demonstrate again to him and his next door neighbor who stays over there all the time that she does indeed possess the SQUIRTER ability. The fuck buddy told me she gets naked and lies on the cheap builders grade vinyl kitchen floor and starts masturbating. She also had them helping her out. It was all hands on the skank whore that night. Well to the fuck buddy, and the neighbors horror, some liquid started flowing out of this bitch and it was a shade of yellow. He said the neighbor yelled, where the hell is your mop? And his friend said, to hell with the mop we are gonna need the Sham Wow. He said this bitch was so drunk she pissed all over his kitchen floor. It must have turned the next door neighbor on because I was told once the fuck buddy passed out that he got to take a ride on old pisser that night.; This place was not where a married man should be hanging out so there were many arguments about him going over there. I didnt know it then, but just about every female that hung out there was screwing somebody there. The men were passing these bitches around like recycled Marta bus tokens. Manslut would tell me all the time that nothing ever went on over there for me to worry about. The reason for him saying that was because he is a liar, and his pathetic ass was checking out all the sluts that pass through there hoping he might get lucky. I wouldnt call it getting lucky as much as its he got an offer to take a ride on the skank whore, and he was willing to settle.; This is how the Manslut and the skank hooked up. One night when he was there she wrote her number down, gave it to him and told him, ÒCome by and see me sometime. He said she made it clear by her actions that she wanted to hook up with him, but he ignored her up till then. We had been married for 22 years and he is in his middle 50s so getting an offer from the town whore must have been a real honor for him. The manslut getting her number was equivalent to being invited to the community pussy birthday party and he wasnt gonna miss out.; For the first month of April he calls her 8 times to her 1 call to him. The next month he calls her 7 times to her 1 call to him. By the number of calls he made to her, it is clear who is chasing whom. She might have made the first move by giving him her number but he was more than willing to pursue her.; He told me for the first 2 months they would talk dirty to each other on the phone and talk about hooking up to fuck. He said she would brag to him about how her blow jobs were so good that she can suck the sheets up a mans ass while giving one. He was lying to her about his staying power and how he will wear his ball tamer underwear so he will last longer. Nothing worked out at the time other than talking dirty and lying to each other about their sexual performance.; On June 16, the bitch text him at 9:35 am and says ÒHey, I need a favor. ÒShortly after that he informs me that he is going to get a haircut. He takes a bath and then sprays himself down with cologne. I thought that was strange so I said, why are you taking a bath to go get a haircut? You always do that when you get backÉ. He said he just wanted to do something different this time, which really means,Ó I plan to do somebody different today.; When he gets there she proudly gives him a tour of the 5 room, shotgun, mill house shack in Porterdale, Ga. She tells him to come back later when her roommate leaves. So he buys a 12 pack of beer and rides around all over Covington, Georgia getting drunk so he can generate the balls to fulfill his desire to screw the swamp slut, and kill time until her whoreness calls to let him know when to come over.; Several hours pass and the manslut starts to get worried because he hasnt heard from her so he calls her nonstop 8 times and doesnt get an answer. He told me he was parked, hiding out at the all you can buffet where we and many members of our church eat on Sunday. I guess he was asleep when the sermon was preached about adultery.; She is getting herself cleaned up I suppose, and Since she bragged to him about what a great blow job she gives, she is probably practicing her dick sucking skills on a chair leg before he gets there. The manslut was so desperate to get his turn to ride her that he hid out for hours before he finally gets in touch with her and she tells him to come over. The ball less coward then calls me right after he hangs up with her to make sure he knows where Im at before he embarks on his journey to the whores Porterdale shack.; I guess it slipped his mind how he cant handle his alcohol like he could in his younger days. He had 2 things working against him, too much beer, and the fact that since he hit his 50s his dick is like a Christmas tree, the roots dead and the balls are just for decoration. I loved him so I overlooked this major flaw for yearsÉnot anymore.; Once the whore tells him to come over he points the old gas guzzling, white Buick land yacht, toward the direction of her shack. I can picture him in my mind as he eagerly rushes down the road. The driver side window is down, and a few of the hairs around his receding hairline are gently blowing in the breeze, the rest is lacquered down with his Aqua Net super hold hair spray, and wouldnt move in a hurricane. The song, I FEEL LUCKY, by Mary Chapin Carpenter blares loudly through the blown speakers of his old ride, (his taste in cars is equally as shitty as his taste in other women) an example is, his car is an old gas guzzler, and the other woman is an old cum guzzlerÉ.; After all that beer he drank he was probably chanting to himself ÒI think I canÉ I hope I canÉas he tries to pray life into his alcohol induced limp dick hoping it will cooperate once he gets there. Im sure he is also yelling at it ÒYou better work you sum bitch, as he slaps it around like an unloved step child.Ó; When he gets there he takes his cooler of beer in with him and that clearly shows that this was planned. He said he was standing in the kitchen, and he wasnt there 10 minutes before she put her arms around him and said, ÒWe are alone now babyÓÉWhat a moment of pressure for both of the idiots because she has to prove the lie about her dick sucking skills, and he is hoping like hell he can get it up, and keep it up to prove the lie he was telling her about what a porn star lover he is. She is under the impression that she will be riding a Peter North. What she was going to get from Elmer the glue shooter was equivalent to bread dough that fails to rise.; He said you could hear the clack of her bony whore knees as she kneels on the shitty mill shack kitchen floor and opens her mouth like a hungry baby bird and starts sucking. I was told the blow job could only be described as a cheap $8 Bissell stick vac that you buy at a black Friday sale.She manage to spark some kind of life in his limp dick so they ran quickly to her bedroom before it sank like the Titanic, disappearing into the depths of his holey, skid marked ridden underwear.; Once they get to her bedroom I can imagine the limp dick wonder standing naked in nothing but his white knee high socks, his limp dick hanging, all shriveled, brown and useless. God himself face palms at the immense uselessness of his dick. Her double chins flop like a Thanksgiving turkey as she romantically tells him in her hillbilly voice.. ÒI been wanting to fuck you for a long time.Ó She actually said this to him.. Im not sure why her saying this to any man would carry any meaning; after all she fucks every man she meets. He said she goes back to work raising the dead, and tries to impress him by fitting both his balls in her mouth at the same time. He said she lied about her ability to suck the sheets up his ass, and she was soon going to find out he lied about his ability to perform like a porn star.; To start this party she climbs on top first. This gives him a good view of her flapjack saggy titties as they swing like a pair of truck balls on a bumpy dirt road. He also gets to gaze up at her ugly as sin face that hit every limb, as she fell from the ugly, meth head tree. He said it wouldnt work with her on top because he kept falling out, and it felt like the Grand Canyon in there. Im sure this also has something to do with him not being able to get it up.; He suggests they try it doggy style. She then stands up and bends over the side of the bed. Now its his turn to show her what hes gotÉ which is nothing too Éand to disappoint her.. Believe me there is no position in the world that would help them finishÉ between her Grand Canyon cock socket and his persistent erectile dysfunction, they were doomed from the start.; As they go at it like two rabid coons fighting over a biscuit he said he noticed a bad odor, and the smell was strong like mule piss with the foam farted off. He said the smell from the nasty bitch almost made him vomit. I bet he was wishing he had a cheap painters mask to wear to keep from passing out. Despite the smell the desperate manslut rides on to be one of many men to add his name to the very long list of men who has ridden her. What a privilege to be in that group.; Im guessing time ticks by slowly like a gas chamber execution as he rides her ugly ass trying desperately to get his limp, useless wonder worm to reach a climax and its taking forever. After some time has passed the imbecile realizes his prayers are not going to be answered, so he just stopped.; He said he got up, got dressed and told her to get her shit together so they could leave. No after sex cuddling time for these two pathetic lovers. She takes a shower while manslut goes outside to call me, and lie about where he has been. Once she gets all cleaned up for the fuck buddy who would be getting the mansluts sloppy seconds that weekend they head to their friends trailer. His friend was throwing him a going away party because we were moving out of state in a few days. What a fun filled, exciting day for Mr. Limpet he gets to ride the town whore, and has a going away party all on the same day.; A month later he had to go back to Georgia to work and we are standing outside talking and out of the blue he says to me ÒYou better be nice to me so I dont have to trade you in.Ó The reason he said that was because he had planned to go to her house once he got to Georgia and in his own manslut, guilty way he was telling on himself.; Right at that moment I knew something was going on. Based on his selection, the manslut doesnt possess the qualities to trade up so if he was going to trade me in for her, he has my full blessings. She can have him.; Three days after he gets to Georgia he drives over to her house. She gives him her new number, and they make plans for him to come over after her daughter leaves with her friends. She sends him a text at 12:31 that said ÒMy daughters not leaving till 8 pm to go to her friends. Then manslut calls her back at 4:00 and the whore tells him to come on over because her daughter left early. Manslut is helping his friend so he cant leave yet. She text him again at 5:51 pm and said ÒIm sorry Im going to bed baby I feel like shit. He calls her back around 8:00 that night and she tells him to come over.; He calls me exactly 10 minutes after hanging up with her. He did not call me because Im special; he called to appease his guilt before he goes back for round 2 with the slut. I had a strong feeling something wasnt right so I keep him on the phone for over an hour talking. I joked and said, Now, I wouldnt want you to get lonely and try to find a girlfriend. He said when I mentioned him finding a girlfriend it spooked him because he had plans to go over to her house that night.; He later said the reason he didnt go back was because he felt guilty, and he realized it was a mistake and he didnt want to do it againÉ.BullshitÉ A mistake is putting boric acid, instead of flour in the cake mixÉ.. Choosing to fuck someone else is not a mistake, its a choice. Saying you were drunk is just an excuse to justify it.; The guilt didnt last long, and the idea of it being a mistake left too. His desire, more like stupidity, got the best of him so he tries againÉ He goes over the road for two weeks and then comes back to Georgia for a day off. He goes to his parents house to take a bath and do laundry. They are gone to Helen, Georgia for the week so he has the place to himself.He doesnt waste any time and he calls her up minutes after getting there. He tells her he will pick her up and bring her back to his parents house because they are out of town. This dumbass had plans to pick the whore up and take her back to his own parents house to fuckÉHis audacity never ceases to amaze me.. It is clear that he forgot about not doing this again. It was never a mistake; it was discussed and planned out each time by BOTH of them. Unexpectedly he gets called back into work so he misses this second try.; I didnt ask for details until much later because I was shocked that he would do this with her. He had repeatedly told me about what a whore she is and how his friend is crazy to be fucking her because she is probably carrying around several STDS. He never had anything good to say about her. He would tell me how disgusting she acted. He also would joke and say ÒShes so damn ugly shes a double bagger.Ó A bag to put over her head, and one for the person fucking her in case hers falls off.He said that she was a nasty old whore and you couldnt pay him to touch her. He ran her down so bad that I defended her and said the guys having sex with her are no better than she is, and they should keep their mouths shut. He did the opposite of everything he said so this told me a lot about the kind of shitty person he is too. Yes, I got tested for STDs. Thankfully everything came back good.; A few months later I talk to her on the phone and she tells me how sorry she is about what happen and continues to point most of the blame on him. She avoided anything that might suggest she played a willing part in it. She blamed it on being drunk, yet she had no explanation as to why she continued to make plans with him after they hooked up the first time and she wasnt drunk. She also had the gall to tell me if she feels uncomfortable about what Im asking her she is going to hang up.; She sent me a message at one point after she found out it was me who posted the first story on her facebook wall and she informed me that since I am a mother too I should know better than to put her on that home wrecker site because her family, friends and kids saw it. She even said, ÒSo tell me what has putting me on that site and badmouthing me done for you so far? This whore had the nerve to reprimand me and be angry for being put on the site. Naturally she didnt see anything that she did to cause this.She said what goes around, comes around and karma will take care of everything. That is true and its why this story is on many sites. She told me that she dont have to prove anything to anybody but the big man upstairs (Im assuming this is God) hes the only one she has to answer to. Since when does God condone you fucking a married man?; Well Tammy this is what it does for me.. It allows me to repay both of you by putting it on this site, and many others. My favorite reason is because what both of you did in private and you thought no one would ever know about it, I have taken the liberty to make sure its no longer a secret by sharing the details with everyone.You both were so arrogant, and confident that I would never find out. Both of you combining the few brain cells you have together could never cover your ass well enough. The best example to describe both of you morons trying to keep this hid is two wet matches in a dark cave.; To me his actions have exposed him for the manslut he really is so I can get on with my life, and leave him behind. He is also an example of why some men dont deserve a second chance in the marriage. He wont be getting another one. Everyone please check out my facebook page, What Contest in HELL did I win? I married a ManSlut The link is.. https://www.facebook.com/pages/What-Contest-in-HELL-did-I-win-I-married-a-ManSlut/712143398860040?ref=hl It will give the release date of the book and website which is all about HIM.; My motto isÉ..IF people wanted you to write good about them, they should have behaved better!!

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