Tara Childress Kansas City, Missouri, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Tara Childress Kansas City, Missouri is as follows: I have been with my husband for going on 6 years. We adopted his nephew about 5 years ago and have always been happy and able to talk to each other about everything, in fact I have always been told I had an amazing marriage and I felt this way as well.; For the last couple of months things have been rocky between us and there has been a lot of fighting. I guess you could say we were in a rut. There was no doubt we wanted to fix things because we love each other very much we just didnt know where to start. I trusted him with everything in me there was never a thought in my mind that he would ever be unfaithful. Around the middle of October my step sister and her boyfriend split up and we helped her move out and she moved in with my sister a few blocks away from us. She started coming and hanging out with me all the time. At the time I thought it was fine and just thought she enjoyed my company. She didnt have a phone so she would use mine a lot to text this guy she was supposedly seeing. Anytime my husband and I would have any type of disagreement at all she was right there in my ear telling me she doesnt know how I put up with him and that I deserve better and so on. After a while this does get into my head but its not like I was going to leave him I was going to try and fix my marriage so we could be the happy go lucky couple we had always been.; Well as the weeks went by she started running out and hopping in the truck with my husband every time he would go anywhere. Then all the sudden she was over hanging out with him while I was gone. I have never really been the jealous type because my husband was not the type of guy who has ever given any reason whatsoever to be. But my gut was telling me something was not right. I didnt want to go accusing anyone of anything so I just started paying more attention to them together. Then all the sudden she was going to great lengths to do the things that I always did for him. I finally had to say something she was stepping on my toes and basically trying to be me. I told her she needed to spend more time at home and we needed our space. During this time my husband and I started marriage counseling. I kept catching them hanging out and not telling me about it and I finally lost it. I told her I didnt want her coming around because we were trying to work out our problems and her always being around was just causing more. I also talked to him and told him the same thing. They were both upset with me he was saying I was just being to jealous and ridiculous and she was telling me I needed to be more secure in my relationship. He even tried to get me to apologize to her for what I said. She was sending me messages on Facebook telling me she doesnt have anyone to talk to and needs a place to stay. I knew she was lying because the sister she was staying with said she just had not been coming home. She wanted to move into our spare room. Obviously that was not going to happen. I sat my husband down and just explained it was all making me uncomfortable and until we have our issues worked out I just didnt want her here. He agreed and that was the end of itÉ Or so I thought.; My husband started talking about going on a hunting trip to my fathers cabin and I actually thought it was a good idea. It would give him some time away from everything to clear his head. On Sunday November 10th we went to church and then went over to my fathers house because my husband was going to help him build a fence. My phone was dead and I needed to make a few phone calls so I was using his phone. After I finished using it I threw it on to charge for a few since it too was about dead. Then I heard the notification start going off, so I grabbed it and opened it to turn off the dinging. When I clicked on the notification it was a fake Facebook profile and a message from Tara (step sister) saying you had better still be going hunting.. So naturally I read the messages that were all there. It was devastating I had to read about all the things she was going to do to my husband sexually. I would say what but I dont know if the website will allow it. They were sending little hearts talking regularly a lot of these conversations were taking place while we were spending time together. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack my heart was in my stomach because I had been going to counseling for a while now and thinking there was something wrong with me and I just couldnt make him happy anymore. I had spent so much time trying to fix my marriage and thinking he was too, only to find that he was talking to that whore. Needless to say I went off and he didnt even know what to say when I confronted him in front of my father and brother. I hopped in his truck and he started crying and begging me to let him explain but my first thought was IM GONNA KILL THIS BITCH! When she found out that I knew she started sending me messages saying she was weak and he took advantage or her and maybe for a minute I believed her. That is until I found out that all those days she was at my house on my couch using my phone to text her ÒfriendÓ she was sending messages to my husband talking about how she could be a better mother to our child and I just dont appreciate him and how she could make him so much happier than I ever could. They would say hey its Tara then followed by whatever she had to say about me that time. He said she was in his head and since things been so rough between us he was enjoying the attention and at first he didnt act on it and he didnt want to tell me because he was afraid I would kill her. He also said it was never supposed to be anything more than just talk and everything started getting out of control. He said he let the devil into our marriage.; I do believe him and I am not saying it makes it right but she was able to manipulate me as well so I knew right then she wasnt the weak one it was him. It has now been eight days since I found out about the affair they were having and he is still begging me to come home and she is still nowhere to be foundÉ This has been a very hard thing to handle because the betrayal cuts so deep and it was not only my husband it was my older step sister as well and our parents have been married for 22 years so its not like we werent close for pretty much our entire lives..

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