So where do I start . It all started back in December of 2014 when Taylor pursued to message my Boyfriend (mind you I was pregnant). She had a boyfriend at the time so I obviously told him. She got very salty with me about it but you know, that doesnt matter at this point. So anyway, She messed around with him throughout my pregnancy knowing I was pregnant. We had our daughter In April of 2015. But she didnt care at all _Ùªâ So July or August of 2015 Taylor started screwing my boyfriend who soon became my fianc in August. It lasted until September when I soon found out and she didnt give a damn.. She still tried being with him. I mean till this day, Id say she would do it all over again. Hide ya husbands, baby daddies and or boyfriends because this girl tryna snatch them up.

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