Taylor Hogue knows my guy from years ago when her mom worked with him. Recently they started talking again and I figured no big deal, she knows we are together and have a 5 month old daughter. Turns out, the little innocent girl who posts memes on facebook about how its so hard to find someone loyal and to not mess with other peoples relationships is beyond clueless at how to follow her own opinion. I find his messages with her about how she used to have a crush on him (harmless right?) Then he says he used to also (he was 19-20 she was like 13) Taylor Hogue then proceeds to say she feels so embarrassed because she still likes him. So what does he say? That she shouldnt be embarrassed that she can always talk to him and be honest. She says its hard not to be when youre talking about marrying that chick and he responds with hey you never know what the future holds _Ù÷ä keep your chin up and hopefully I restored your faith. His behavior is inexcusable and Im unable to forgive this one, but she is a little tramp. We dont even live in the same state anymore as this little girl. I love this website called dating complaints. What tipped me off to check his messages was when he recently started saying that he needs a vacation because everything is so stressful and he cant get a minute of peace (again 5 month old baby and a 9 month old husky dog that he wanted).

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