Teresa Gaitan of 1464 Van Kirk street in Philadelphia and is the sister of one minute male with a small tiny penisÐMiguel Gaitan (who is married and is renting his dump of a house to his ugly cunt mistress at 1452 Van Kirk street). Apparently, like the rest of their familyÐTeresa Gaitan is a immoral, trifling, hoe bitch. Not only is Teresa Gaitan friends with her small penis brother’s (Miguel Gaitan) mistressÐeven though he is married to another woman, but, Teresa Gaitan even has the nerve to pretend to go to church with his ugly cunt mistress and their bastards. However, Teresa Gaitan is a skanky slut as well. Teresa Gaitan frequently has a bunch of creepy and strange men coming to her house everydayÐthere’s never anywhere to park because she has about twenty weird men a night coming into the neighborhood and going to her house. Teresa Gaitan also has numerous affairs with married men and their wives know about her. Between Miguel Gaitan and his whore mistress disturbing the neighborhood by loudly arguing about his small little tiny penis as well as him being a one minute male, and, Teresa Gaitan having a lot of creepy men coming to her house, that family are the neighbors from hell. The Gaitan family are criminals, whores, liars, and sexual predators. The males are ashamed of being one minute males with small little tiny penis and the females are penis sucking, husband-stealing, money-hungry hoe bitches that would suck and have sex with anyone for money. Yet she has the nerve to pretend to be religious.

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