Makeup Artist | Future Esthetician Daycare code : 0530* This delusional tacky 28 year old slut has been throwing herself at my husband since the first day I started dating him in September of 2012 Shes an ex girlfriend who cant get over the past and was from when he was 16 and she was 21 My husband and I are both 23, she is five years older than him chasing a married man with two young children And Ever since we started dating back in 2012 up until now she would hang out with his family as much as she could, desperate to get his attention and attempting to force herself back into the picture .she would even would hang out with his family and my mother in law while I was 6 months pregnant with our twins! She KNEW my husband and I have been dating since 2012 (Four years) and we recently got married in August of 2015. But despite the fact this trashy slut knew he was married with two kids, but that still doesnt stop her from dating him and sleeping with him knowing this .Breaking up a family, and lying to her own family saying hes been divorced so they approve of the relationship. Because she knows her parents would be disappointed considering their little Italian princess is a home wrecking whore who lacks basic morals and respect. My husband ended up hooking up with me while his mistress was on vacation in Mexico and she called it cheating but Im his wife Terri Pagliuca was playing off as the victim even tho she started this whole nightmare by knowingly opening her legs to a married man ..she proclaims she didnt know we were married lmao to not look as trashy and scummy as she really is but I know for a fact she knew the whole time .Apparently homewreckers have a hard time getting over relationships they were never in .even after as she calls it cheated on her with me, his wife she still wants to be with him because shes 28 getting up there in age and desperate and convinces herself that me, his wife is the sidechick he bought a ring for and was quote on quote forced to marry and shes his number one choice if I was a homewrecking whore I would probably tell myself irrational things like that too in order to make myself look and feel better .She cant get her own man without dating a married one, and hasnt moved on from their relationship that ended over 5-6 years ago . She might be 28 but she has the mentality of an 18 year old catty little girl who posts subliminal messages on Facebook towards me because shes so immature and insecure.. Theres a reason your paranoid hun, because Im his wife and your just there.. Whoring around. Your soul mate is not another persons spouse sorry and you deserve every rotten thing coming your way Bella princess or whatever you refer to yourself as, karma is a bitch sweetheart. Your soulmate is not another persons spouse and God will never send you someone elses husband apparently its considered cheating to this delusional mentally unstable bitch when he comes home and bangs his wife .he cheated with you and oh wait he already did cheat on you someone dating a married man who proclaims to have respect for herself _Ù÷â I have standards morals and respect and dont need to desperately settle for a man that cheated on me ..instead of sweating me and worrying about my life why dont you sit and worry about why you didnt get his last name and I did .youre a pathetic piece of scumbag trash who knowingly dates my husband despite the fact hes still legally married to me at this very moment Tell your family all these little made up stories that we were divorced even tho were legally still married at this very moment and get that through that thick ass raggedy Anne haired skull of yours. You are classless, have no self esteem and you knew the whole time he was married with two kids. You are not a victim, your a disgrace to women and no one is jealous of your trashy raggedy Anne looking ass or wants to be you considering your a home wrecker who tore apart a family by opening your legs and clearly a downgrade which Ive been told by multiple people who also agree _ÙÔÜ_ÙÈ she aint shit without her filters and photo editing apps.

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