Hi fellow ladies This is my serious warning to you to stay away from Terry Allison the timepiece designer. Do not fall for his lies. He is a cheater, a womanizer, and a player, and that will never change. Terry Allison is not somebody you should get involved with. He will break your heart. And I know he has procedures done to make him look younger than he is. I started dating Terry Allison the watch designer in Denver and all was good at first. He seemed like a decent guy and we were attracted to each other. I am 22 years old. He is 43 years old. He was honest with me about his age, but after I googled all of the complaints, somebody already pointed out his age online so he must have figured that he needed to be honest about his age from the beginning lol He played hard to get at first, but eventually I won him over (I thought). And that is where the complaint begins. He would never make a full commitment. We fell in love (I thought), but he was being sneaky until I finally caught him cheating on me. He puts the numbers of other women in his phone under guys names. He is not faithful. Look at the literally dozens of other complaints by other women hes done this to. You fall in love while hes cheating on you. He is a womanizer. Terry Allison is a player. Terry Allison will break your heart. His tactics are sudden emergencies, has to work late, etc. Thats when he is meeting another woman. Dont waste your time with Terry Allison. He will literally break your heart.

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