Terry Lee Gunsauley Jr. is the deadbeat dad in our life. Terry & I have a son (joshua) together. Terry refuses to pay anything for his son claiming he cant afford to because hes trying to get his life together I guess Joshua aint part of his life. Terrys source of income is selling drugs he also buys pain pills on a daily basis. He also manages to payback all his homeboys that have loaned him money. Its strange to me he can afford to do everything but pay me $50 a week to see his and talk to his son. He also has twin daughters that are a week younger than Joshua by another woman that he hasnt seen or paid for in over 5yrs. To me its kinda a blessing sure I struggle to get things done but it does get done! At least I dont have to worry bout my beautiful lil red headed son being hurt by his sorry excuse for a father. Its kinda funny he calls and texts everyday saying he wants to talk to josh but never has money to give me he expects me to let him see and talk to josh for nothing. He thinks he deserves a free ride I tell him everyday nothing in life is free you got to pay to play!!

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