Theresa Wooden, Nashville, Tennessee, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Theresa Wooden, Nashville, Tennessee is as follows: This whore has spent 24 years trying to figure out how to ruin a marriage. She has convinced a preacher to come off his meds because his wife was the devil and was trying to kill him. She waited to he was completely out of control and out of his mind and sweeped in like a vulture to pick him apart. This man has tried to kill himself and now thinks he is cursed by the devil because she continues to try and make contact. I think he is right about one thing and that is that she is a demon from Hell. This women would send messages on facebook, his family, and would even send messages to his daughters on facebook.; He is mentally suffering with a mental illness and she knows that but because she is so desperate and devilish she doesnt care about him or his families well being.

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