Thomas Partick Gitto Philadelphia is a liar and cheater. This guy is a complete creeper if you ask me. He can not keep his dick in his pants to save his life. He doesnt give two cents about your feelings Yes he will destroy you and not think twice. He looks for naive, or vulnerable, or divorced women. Do not be a victim here. He uses the email address [email protected] and use the cell of 215 615 2117 This creeper is on every site possible. Do not be a victim here. I also found this information too about him.. A judge yesterday sentenced a former Philadelphia police officer convicted of unlawful contact and of corrupting the morals of a 14-year-old girl to eight to 23 months in county jail. Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley said that ex-Officer Thomas Gitto, 41, could serve his prison sentence on weekends. He was ordered to turn himself in today. Gitto, who worked in the Narcotics Field Unit, was accused of having sex with the girl in 2004. The teen is a younger sister of Gittos then-live-in girlfriend, who is now his fiancee. After the sentencing, asked if he had sex with the teen, Gitto proclaimed: Absolutely not. A jury in June acquitted Gitto of charges of statutory sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault. As such, it appeared to agree that Gitto did not have sexual contact with the girl, or that it found that prosecutors did not prove he did so beyond a reasonable doubt. So what about all the other non-police who they did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt they had sex with someone? Once again, another cop, and the people protecting the good ole boy! Yes, he could be innocent, but read my question again? This is never an issue when its a normal citizen in the same situation! Jurors, however, convicted Gitto of a felony charge of unlawful contact with a minor in that he communicated with her for an illicit purpose and a misdemeanor charge of corrupting her morals. Yeah, and so does a lot of other people who did the same and busted by To Catch a Predator! And they do not get the same treatment! The commonwealth contended that in 2004, when the girl was 14, she and Gitto had consensual sex three times and that there was sexual touching about four other times, Assistant District Attorney Bill Davis said after the hearing. So if they all contended this, why is he not being charged with molesting a child? Plus, as many have mentioned before, a 14 year old cannot give consent, plus she is underage, and yet he gets slapped on the wrist! At trial, the teen testified to having sex with Gitto. The state also introduced evidence of numerous calls between the two, and of e-mail contact between them. After yesterdays sentencing, defense attorney Brian McLaughlin contended that the teen made up the sexual allegations to spite her older sister. He said the older sister had found the teen drinking alcohol and had ratted her out to their parents, and because of that, the younger sister retaliated with the allegations. So if this is true, this person needs to be put in jail or prison for falsely accusing someone of something they did not do, period! Davis disputed this contention. McLaughlin also noted that the girl first claimed Gitto raped her, then said the relationship was consensual. He suggested that the jury did not find her credible. In court yesterday, the girl, now 19, read an impact statement. Her hand shaking, she said she started drinking alcohol as an escape and tries to forget what happened. I really blame myself for what happened. I have nightmares, she said. So what truly happened? If he raped or had sex with you, that is a crime, and if he did not, you should be in jail or prison for falsely accusing someone of something they did not do! Gitto, dressed in a black suit, took issue with some of the commonwealths evidence in the case. I could go on, he said. Im just asking for leniency. . . . Im not sorry, your Honor. I did nothing wrong. The judge said she believed there were some very serious issues here. She noted, for instance, a pre-sentence investigators report that recommended Gitto get sex-offender treatment. If he did not do anything, then you cannot make him get this treatment! Davis, in asking for a county jail sentence, noted that Gitto, who was a police officer at the time of the alleged offenses, was someone people trusted. McLaughlin asked for a probationary sentence. The judge said she believed incarceration is appropriate, in part, to send a message. She ordered the jail term to be followed by three years probation and for Gitto to get sex-offender treatment. Gitto, who the defense said now owns an auto-body shop, also was ordered to continue working. For what? If the man did not do anything, what message do you expect to send? If he is guilty, then yeah, he should be in prison, if not, the girl should be in jail or prison! And how can you ORDER someone to work? If they do not want to work, that is their right! Gitto was fired by the Police Department in April 2007, after 14 years on the force.

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