Tiffany Latoya James: She will be named s*** #2, be sure to check out s*** #1 Katie (Farmer) Hall. My story with this one starts February 2015. On 2/22 I noticed he was on his phone a lot. I looked at the text log and saw a number I didnt recognize and confronted him. He told me it was one of his co-workers Bill Jr who was going through some things and they had been talking. I didnt believe him so we went back and forth about it for hours. On 2/23 I went to work as normal and viewed the text log when I got in. There was one text as soon as I left the house. He works 12 hour shifts so he sleeps all day and works nights. I checked the bank account and saw a charge already that morning at Walmart. I also searched the number on facebook and it brought up a black girl. I KNEW THIS HAD TO BE WRONG because every black person to him is a n*****. I figured she had the number when she sat up her facebook but it was someone elses now. He started texting me that he just didnt feel appreciated and he does so much and I just dont seem happy so he wants me to be happy (by the way this is what he says to everyone when hes done with them. Its a way to remove the blame for his wrong doing). I checked the call log and saw an 800 number. I googled it and it was tracfone. All this transpired in about a 30 minute time frame. I went home and found a tracfone on the bed. I got my hands on it and he decided to get physical and try to take it from me. We fought for it for about 10 minutes. This was the first time any physical altercation had ever taken place between us. It was really the only verbal fight as well. We usually get along really well and can work things out. That right there tells you all you need to know, when they fight you for a phone?!?! Something is up. I made him give me the bank card, the house key and leave. We talked every day and he continued to tell me daily that he loved me. I searched his IPhone history and found a hotel. I called to confirm he was truly staying there. He was for at least a few weeks. He would come visit me often and wed talk or have dinner together. Things were going really well and he had been staying with me . until 3/5. My work closed early for the day due to a snow storm and I tried and tried to call him to come pick me up. When I left home that morning he was at home. When I got home early he was nowhere to be found. So hell flew in me and I told him his things would be outside in the big trash cans. We still continued to talk and he was sorry and wanted to come home but he wanted me to be happy. I learned of my pregnancy 8 days before giving birth to our daughter (April). He was not there for the birth of his daughter even though I kept him updated about being in labor. He finally came to visit her when she was 9 days old. He wanted to come back home after spending time with her. I could tell he was a different person and hoped that things had changed. Things were really great between us. Then I found a facebook account and from the messages he had ended everything with her in April. He started things back up with her on June 21st (Fathers Day). I had ordered him a gift that ended up being delayed. I went to Walmart that day and spent over $50 on things he could use (lunch box for work, a new release blu ray, body washes, etc). He wakes up, looks at his gift and says hes going to ride out (he was pissed because he didnt get what he was expecting Are you f***ing 12?). He got $40 cash back at one of the stores so I knew he had gone to get a tracfone card. Im not as dumb as he must think I am. I kept texting the number but it would always come back as undeliverable. So he started private messaging her through facebook from 6/21-7/3. I also like to call her snickers because all you have to do is buy her a snickers bar and shell give up the p****. They would go out on lunch break and f*** in the back of his truck or even on the company picnic table from what some messages said. During this time he was also talking to Katie (s*** #1). He would send them the same conversations or tell them the exact same things on the exact same night. He would f* s*** #2 (co-worker) on his lunch break and have s*** #1 meet him at the shopping center when he got off work. While Im working a full time job and raising our child!!! Im assuming he would have a moment of clarity and stop talking to them for a few days but then give in again. He would tell them that he had to work extra jobs/side work and that internet/cell phone was cut off or he had run out of his data. All of our bills are paid MONTHS in advance. He also has a large savings with thousands of dollars that he started for vacation fund or any baby needs. I guess he wanted to make it look like a struggle to get by so he would get some sympathy p****. He would always say he was worried about driving his vehicle (expired inspection) whenever they would want to meet up. He had no problem driving around whenever we needed to go anywhere or do anything. He would tell them both exactly what they wanted to hear. Im sleeping on the couch, we dont even speak to each other, and Im just here for the baby. He would tell her he didnt want to leave because he had bought so much stuff for the house and hed lose it all (what does this tell you??? Are you stupid? LOL he doesnt want to leave because its nothing like he wants you to believe it is). Meanwhile, were cooking meals together, planning fun activities, going out on date nights and living it up like most new parents probably do. Since they work together I still have a feeling its going on (on and off) and this b**** is dumb enough to keep giving him the p**** for nothing. You dont get to see him (except on a lunch break), you dont get to go out with him, and he doesnt spend any money on you except maybe your occasional vending machine snack (we have joint checking). Why dont you go worry about your 2 kids since in all your messages it appears you only have 1 of them! Work on that and finding your own damn man instead of worrying about one thats just using you and making you look like a damn fool. While I place most of the blame on him because he has the most to lose. I still find it amazing what women will believe. Ive never been into the sexting and you wont find a picture of my ÷goodies anywhere. I wont apologize for being a woman that a man should respect. I refuse to change who I am just because the world today is full of s**** and whores (male and female).

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