Tonya Gayle Cook Smith Oklahoma, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Tonya Gayle Cook Smith Oklahoma is as follows: This horrible person is Tonya Gayle Cook Smith, a nurse in Westville, OK. Even after finding out what she was doing with my husband she kept on trying to destroy our family. She will not face me. Ive tried numerous times to talk to her face to face. Shes a coward and one of the sneakiest, two-faced people that ive ever came across.; Me and my husband have 3 beautiful children and have been together for over 18 years, married almost 15. In 2011, we were having some problems and this whore took full advantage of it, made him think she was trying to help our marriage. She knew exactly what to say and do to make him fall for her stupid cheating ass. She was married to one of his friends, so they came to our house several times. I noticed when she was around he was a little too playful with her, but never imagined that they were having an affair until I was looking for something in his truck and came across a stack of cards, letters and even a nasty pair of panties. It wasnt only an affair, but a full relationship. She made him think she was Gods gift and that she was gonna be everything he would ever need. She only seen him for what he could give her, she is a money hungry bitch. She even got him to give her a necklace that belonged to my mother in law that had passed away. I found out later that while I was on vacation with my kids that she brought her nasty ass to my house and slept with my husband in my bed.; They ended up having the affair for a little over 2 years. We were getting divorced because of it, after I finally found out. He loaned her his new truck, and was over there all the time. Finally a few months ago, she showed her true colors and found a new man and started messing around with him. My husband finally woke up and got his priorities straight and got rid of her. Now we are fighting for the items that were left at her house. Im getting to the point where we are going to have to take her to court to get it back. She is the devil in disguise, watch out for her. She is a nasty whore who will give it up to the guy that will give her what she wants at the time and as soon as she gets it she will move on to the next one. What a role model for her boys, one of which I was told she doesnt even know the father of.; Just recently she was caught sending one of my friends husbands very inappropriate pictures of herself and she is with a police officer. She will never be true to anyone its not possible for her, so watch your husbands if they come in contact with her, because it doesnt matter if they are married or not, its like a game for her. I guess to see if she can ruin someones family. She is good at that.

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