Commentary about Travis McNeal, Birmingham, AL posted to From : Veggiebeachgal posted on 2016-12-23 Believe nothing he says, particularly if it pertains to his time away from you. Chronic liar. From : Veggiebeachgal posted on 2016-12-23 * I have a Dec. ’16 voicemail from one of the women about, telling me she just tested positive for an STD & claims he’s the only one she’s been with the last 2 years. * he started seeing me Dec. 2015 & it got serious (& I was told exclsive) in Mar. ’16. I learned in Aug. ’16 that he was seeing (& sleeping with) me and 3 other women (1 here in Birmingham, 1 in Atlanta & the other in Houston/Seattle (recently relocated to Seattle). We broke up and rekindled in Oct. ’16, & he said all had ended with the women. Then I learn differently this week, with one of them claiming he gave her an STD. * 1 of the women he’s been dating for 6 years, & she has his name tattooed on her. 2 of the women go back (off and on) for 20+ years. – one of them claims her 22 year old son is his (this is in addition to his known 25 yr. old son, S.C.). * the woman with the STD shared a phone service with him, until Dec. ’16, & she advised me (via voicemail) that she’d called 8 (assuming that included me) women thus far that’d he’d slept with in 2016. Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Travis McNeal, Birmingham, AL is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Travis McNeal, Birmingham, AL by the users were preserved.


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