Please comment what you think of meIm Trina i have had 5 kids and been married 3 times. 1 of my kids is my exhusbends the other 4 i have no clue. Ive been banged by so many men and in random places like at bar’s partys concerts, you name it ive prob done it their.

My husbend found out that ive been getting banged by men i meet and a few of his friends the family next door have a son that just turned 18 and when he came to show my husbend his gun he got. When i was out back he came back and started talking to me and i new he was legal age so i started flirting with him and we ended up banging in the back yard while my husbend the dad went hunting. And he got me pregnant after ***** ing me 48 times because i got of birth controle and thats how my husbend found out that im a ***** ty w ***** of a wife and mother. I havent stopped ***** ing him and random stangers because im such a ***** . Ive given up all my kids except my ex’s i just see him a few times a month. I could get paid to bang men but idc i just love getting pounded. Some months i go to a guys house and end up staying a week beeing his ***** slave and i love it. Most of my photos are from the 18 yo next door.


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