We haven’t heard from her in 3 years when we had our little girl and then she finds my husband on Facebook and starts talking to him and tells him she is having trouble with her husband and says she needs to spend time away and with friends so he asked me if I remember her and asked

if she could come visit, so her being a friend I let her. I welcomed her into our house and the moment she got here he changed and started treating me like crap and then he was gone one night and so was she. I think they were together in a motel room. Then he wants money to get me and the kids gifts he comes back with the gifts but no batteries for our son’s remote control car he bought him so he tells the kids he is going to get batteries and he would be right back and he never came back and then a friend tells me he is with Trisha and they are dating. She wrecked our marriage of 5 years and took a daddy from his son and daughter. She is a Home Wrecker and so is he. The only pic I have of her is of them together.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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