This disgusting whore sleeps with other peoples husbands! Shes a drunk, and when I say a drunk I mean in and out of rehab and is never at work due to her miserable life. When she is at work she drinks there too. She has slept with multiple employees in our building (married men). She acts like she has a fabulous life but anyone can see through her pathetic life. She flirts with older men and tries to get them to support her while she dates other people. Shes disgusting and I am posting this to warn all men and women. She works for IHS in downtown Sacramento CA. Shes a dirty tramp full of STDs!!! Please if your husband has worked or been involved with her get checked shes disgusting, shes only like 4 feet tall with fake sagging boobs and stubby legs. She can alter her photos to look thinner and tries to look cute but she is not. She is rotten to the fullest!

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