My husband, my eight year-old son, my nine year-old niece, and I were vacationing at Disney World. There was a lounge on the floor of our hotel which served snacks and beverages throughout the day. We would eat breakfast there and pop in and out during the day. My husband would spend an hour or two at night watching soccer games on television in the lounge and drinking beer, while I stayed in the hotel room with the kids and watched cartoons. Whenever we would spend time at the hotel pool, my husband would go up to the room to make business calls. I thought nothing of it at the time. He also started criticizing my appearance during the trip (e.g., why did I always wear loose-fitting clothes, my complexion wasnt clear, etc.). This was something he never did in the past. After we were home from the trip, my husband would spend a lot of time in the basement on his computer paying bills. He also went on several business trips to Florida. On New Years Eve, my husband started a fight with me and told me he wanted a divorce. He then left the house and did not return until late the next day. I became suspicious afterwards and looked on his computer. It was full of pictures of this woman, Valeria Liberman. Some kind of minor celebrity who had been married to an Argentinian pop star. I then checked cell phone and home telephone records and was shocked to see that my husband was spending hours a day texting back and forth to a Florida phone number. He was even calling this number using our home phone! I searched reverse telephone number look up on the internet and found out the number belonged to Valeria Liberman in Florida. The real kicker was learning that on the night we met for dinner to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in September, my husband sat in the restaurant at the bar for several hours before I arrived and was sexting with Valeria Liberman up until the very minute I walked into the restaurant! He would also spend hours on the phone with Valeria Liberman while I was out of town on business trips, when he should have been watching our son. Im out working, forfeiting time with my family, bringing in income, while hes whooping it up with this bimbo. I also found out that my husband was spending large sums of money visiting Valeria Liberman. After he moved out of the house in March 2011, he went on multiple trips to Florida, and high priced vacations with Valeria Liberman (and with others).. He squandered all of our savings and to add insult to injury, began to withhold money that my son and I needed for living expenses. While its clear my ex-husband to be is a jerk, I also hold Valeria Liberman accountable as a major contributing factor to the demise of my marriage. Valeria Liberman knew my husband was married when she met him. What kind of person picks up a married man while vacationing in Disney World?! Plus, Valeria Liberman was there with her kids. Who was watching them while she was out gallivanting with my husband? You can see from photo that she is likely a Valeria Liberman, vain, self-absorbed, narcissistic creature. I thought hard about posting this story on this website. Im not a vindictive person. Sadly, I have learned that there are many female predators roaming around constantly on the lookout for new prey. We decent women need to stick together and do what we can to protect one another. That is why I have chosen to expose this woman for the callous homewrecker that she is.

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