Vanessa Borovicka tried to take my husband from me most recently. She met him through a colleague, and aggressively pursued him while he would travel (He travels a lot for work). They met up out of the country somewhere, and that was the beginning of the cheating. Then, she would pay/use miles for her own tickets to meet him other places that he would have to go for work; pretty much any major city. She would manipulate him with sex, and promises of an amazing life together (and would say they would take over the world!) She would arrange all kinds of things, hotels, cars, tickets Sometimes using her company benefits. She would also say bad things about me to him, and Ive never met her. She would talk about sex, how amazing he was, how she would bake cookies for him for Valentines, all manipulation tactics to get him to be around her and be away from me. She literally encouraged him to find his own place so in the future, they could live together. She also encouraged him to hire a full-time nanny, to ensure that our child was not taken care of by me (insane, for one, since I am a great mom and take care of our child 90% of the time a healthy, amazing, stable little person). Mind you, this woman has 3 boys of her own, and who knows who was taking care of them while she was cavorting with a married man. While I didnt do anything to her back, I needed to get this out I dont know if it was a fame thing; my husband worked with celebrities and she would be jealous when she couldnt join him on a cool venture or trip. Apparently, shes divorced. Godspeed to anyone that might need to deal with her in this capacity in the future (or past). 1295 Dapplegrey Lane Lake Oswego, OR 97034

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