My son made the awful mistake of marrying a Thai girl he met through Sweet Singles. She was very nice to him while they were in Thailand. Once she got to the USA & married him, she completely changed. We welcomed her into our family with open arms believing her behavior was due to being so far from her native land. However, she started having affairs with older men and demanded my son buy her only the best of everything. She became violent. In the end she was jailed for attacking him and sentenced to return to Thailand. They were only married for 14 months. She will not answer any phone calls or emails from my son, so hes unable to get her address in order to get a divorce. Now she is right back on Sweet Singles claiming once again to be single and looking for her soul mate. BEWARE! Her User Name is WS_Ann. Yes, Ann (maiden name Wanida Sarnpakdee) is still my daughter-in-law as she presents herself to men as single. This woman is very violent. Since she was taken to jail, we had to pack her belongings. She had many purses and each one contained a switch-blade knife or a device that looked like a nail file, but when a button was pressed out popped a long very sharp razor. Im thankful my son survived the marriage. I have notified Sweet Singles, but they dont reply and Ann stays active on their site. She is neither sweet nor single!!! Dating Complaints would like to thank everyone for making everyone aware of individuals like this in the world. If you have any suggetions for Dating Complaints, please email us at [email protected] God Bless Dating Complaints

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