So this little girl Whitney Brumley started working at Walmart in July, it didn’t take her long to find my husband, they worked 2 days a week together she has told everyone

“I didn’t know he was married” but I have all their messages saved including the ones that said “I’m not leaving her” said by the husband. Well she didn’t stop. This little ***** tried for 3 months to get him to leave, well the day I found EVERYTHING the chick decided to keep it going along with him. They had ***** that night. Well she has no respect for people or herself. It doesn’t take her long to spread her legs (she sent me a ***** pic) she now wants to say she didn’t know he was married, and other BS but I have all the messages from the start of them talking, if you want someone so easy to sleep with go after her ✌ side note: I know the husband is at fault also but this little floozy is acting like she didn’t do anything wrong. Trust me I can post ALL the messages


Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

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