If you look at generation over generation, the state of a dating has changed. Think about your parents first started dating , and their parents started dating. Then when they got married, the woman stayed home, cooked and cleaned, many uneducated. Nowadays, women are very educated, in the work force in a major way. Back then, women stayed home and nurtured their children until they were 18+ years old. Now, once a baby turns 8 weeks old, a working mom needs to drop their newborn to child care in order to not lose her position within the work force. A result of all this shift in marriage dynamics is a huge drop in sexual relations between husband and wife. Its no surprise that sex in a marriage changes once you have kids. The part that compounds the negative effects of sex post children is now, the woman is a working woman. When she comes home, shes as tired as the man. Still needs to take care of the children, cook dinner, house chores, etc. When the husband and wife now go to bed, 9/10/11pm, the thought of having sex is such an afterthought that it literally goes away. Now what. You have two sexual beings NOT having sex with each other. The first order that occurs for man is to look elsewhere for that release. The ones that try their best not to stray turn to porn. With the advantage of porn on mobile, tablets, and pc, a man will find time to dive into this fantasy. Since the actuality does not occur, the fantasy level increases. Hence porn being viewed at an all time high, right at the your fingertips, all for free. The 2nd level involves these men going to strip clubs. This starts the cross over from fantasy to reality. 95% of strip clubs do not cross the line from fantasy to reality. However, it does lead to the next form of infidelity: massage parlors. While it is illegal for a massage parlor to offer a happy ending in the US, it can be found very easily and VERY discreetly. If you look at the men that attend this establishments, you will see a high majority of them are married. Some will go to the next steps with backpage escorts; however, the high risk of STDs of a Backpage escorts have married men thinking twice before diving in. This ultimately led to the dramatic increase in cheating websites. The reason cheating websites flourish is simple: evolution. While marriage still has its place in our society, it has done a lousy job of keeping both men and women sexually happy with each other. As a result, you see cheating websites such as Ashley Madison & ArrangementFinders.com continue to grow in immense popularity. With discretion being the #1 component for these men and women, it comes as no surprise that the evolution of marriage has brought this business to incredible heights. Dating Complaints wanted to bring this to your attention.

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