I found out about my ex husbands affair with this trash about 6 months ago. Im happy to say that our divorce has been finalized. My pathetic ex let trash end a 10 year marriage. My ex met this w**** in 2011 while attending classes at a university in San Antonio, Texas. From the emails I learned that this b**** knew he was married and still pursued him. They met in class and they pursued each other. This attention seeking b**** was always asking my ex-husband about me. What did I look like, if he loved me. Always asking him to tell her if shes more attractive. Pathetic!! I was busy with work and a baby I had no clue that he was cheating. Our routine seemed normal and I thought we were happy. She wanted my ex-husband to leave me and our kids for her. Well I left him. Ysela Rivera you can have him! You deserve each other. But he doesnt want you now.He wanted you only as his side piece. You both have no self respect or self esteem. I have all your disgusting emails that you sent him youre a little old to be sending nude pics. Karma is a b**** if you ever love someone other than your ridiculous self you better hope some w**** doesnt come around and do what you have done.

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